Head of Operations (iGaming Industry)




Join our dynamic team as the Head of Operations, where you will play a pivotal role in shaping and driving our operational strategy. This high-energy position is perfect for someone passionate about operational excellence and eager to make a significant impact in a fast-paced environment. We’re looking for a leader who thrives in driving efficiency and fostering cross-functional collaboration. 

Key Responsibilities: 

·        Strategic Leadership: Lead the development and execution of both short-term and long-term operational strategies, ensuring alignment with our organizational goals. 

·        Process Innovation and Standardization: Innovate and standardize business processes across different departments, enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness. 

·        Technology Integration: Manage the adoption and optimization of technology solutions, ensuring the seamless operation of our digital tools and systems. 

·        Documentation and Training: Regularly update process documentation and training materials, ensuring all teams have the resources needed to excel. 

·        Cross-Functional Collaboration: Act as a linchpin between various departments such as Product, Technology, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support, ensuring cohesive operations and goal alignment. 

·        Issue Resolution: Lead the charge in resolving cross-departmental issues, maintaining operational continuity and excellence. 

·        Cultural Development: Cultivate a culture centered on continuous improvement, innovation, and operational excellence. 


Key Skills: 

·        Exceptional Organizational Acumen: Your keen attention to detail and organizational skills enable you to set up efficient processes, ensuring team access to necessary resources and adherence to deadlines. 

·        Leadership and Communication: With your strong project management and interpersonal skills, you excel at leading diverse teams and aligning them towards common objectives. Experience in project management is beneficial but not mandatory. 

·        Dynamic and Adaptable: Your ambition and high standards make you thrive in a dynamic environment. You’re adept at adapting to evolving business needs. 

·        Proactive Problem-Solver: Your proactive, can-do approach to challenges exemplifies your readiness to take action. 

·        Passion for i-Gaming: A love for gaming and a desire to be part of a winning team drive you. 



·        Experience: Proven track record of 5+ years in operations management or project management, involving coordination across multiple teams and adhering to tight deadlines. 

·        Collaborative Expertise: Experience working closely with product and technical teams. 

·        Technical Proficiency: Skilled in using collaboration tools like Sharepoint, Monday, JIRA, and Confluence. 

·        Industry Knowledge: Background in i-gaming is preferred, but not mandatory. 




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