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Games Presenters & Shuffler roles

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What do you need?

No previous experience is required, we will provide full training throughout our onboarding process, and there is continual on the job training; learning new about new games. It is important you have high levels of energy and are able to engage via stream with our players.

You will need to flexible regarding working schedules, and to work a variety of shifts as we operate 24/7.

What will you get?

You will be joining a global team of dealers, shufflers and many many other roles that work together to create the premium Live Casino experience. The business is growing rapidly, creating fantastic opportunties for you to grow and fufil your ambitions while remaining part of the growing Pragmatic Play business.

Excellent starting Salary
In-depth training in skills and game rules
Part of an international team
Fantastic opportunity to increase your income through our bonus scheme

What onscreen roles are available?


As a game presenter, you will have the exciting job of being the literal face (and hands) of one of our key products. So buckle up and get ready for an exhilarating experience! Simply put, your main responsibility as a game presenter is to deliver top-notch entertainment experiences to players all over the globe. You will be interacting with players through live streaming, hosting various casino games and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gameplay. We’re looking for confident individuals who are able to engage with players and keep the energy going in the virtual casino world. Don’t worry if you don’t have previous

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As a shuffler you are key player in the logistics of all our card games, making sure the games and presenters have the resources they need to keep the games flowing, and ensuring the cards are managed correctly, and logs are kept inline with procedures. We are not looking for previous experience as full training will be provided on the job.

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You’ll love our onscreen roles for…

Benefits & Renumeration

Opportunity to grow and shine

Glamorous industry

Hear about life at Pragmatic Play

Game Presenter

What was your first day like?

A bit difficult, but it was interesting, pleasant, the environment was friendly.

What is the best part of your role?

Practicing my English and communicating with people, I learned a lot of new things here, I like that I don’t have live contact with the players and that I work in a studio.

How have you changed in your time with PP?

I became disciplined, organized and responsible.

What is your best memory?

When I found out I was on the VIP tables because I felt appreciated.

What would be your advice to anyone considering applying for a game presenter role with Pragmatic Play?

To tight up and behave responsibly, because things are serious, we are looking for serious and responsible people.