Audio-Visual Specialist (Cinematographer)

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As an Audio-Visual Specialist, you will participate in the construction and maintenance of our studios.
It’s your job to ensure that programs are broadcast on time and of the highest quality. You’ll carry out updates and repairs as well as operate and maintain the systems.
The perfect candidate should have strong technical knowledge of cameras, broadcasting, film production and should be able to build studios from scratch according to the provided plans and diagrams.


•    Installing and testing new facilities and equipment.
•    Advanced crimping skills on various connectors, such as BNC, Micro BNC, RJ45, and XLR.
•    Strong knowledge in hardware AV broadcast and IT networking – setting up and configuring a star network and ensuring communication between all devices.
•    Knowledge of scalers and matrix functionality and purpose
•    Setting up and Maintaining equipment for virtual studio production.
•    Setting up and monitoring audio-visual links between units.
•    Analyzing and repairing technical faults on equipment and systems.
•    Minimizing loss of service when equipment fails by quickly identifying and implementing alternative methods of service provision.
•    Setting up and operating equipment and transmission links during outside broadcasts.
•    Designing and installing custom audio-visual circuits.
•    Designing and manufacturing hardware and systems.
•    Developing and using awareness of best workplace health and safety practices.
•    Interpreting and implementing instructions and requests from product owners, creative directors, and colleagues.
•    Communicating effectively with members of the team and other colleagues.
•    Keeping up to date with the industry and changes in technology by building and maintaining a network of contacts and investigating new systems and techniques.
You will need to show evidence of the following:

•    Advanced knowledge of photography concepts like aperture, shutter speed, ISO speed, exposure, and camera lenses
•    Strong technical knowledge of cameras
•    Experience in electronic engineering and using communication equipment.
•    Advanced knowledge of operating a video camera
•    Advanced knowledge of production video switcher
•    Experience with live chroma keying.
•    Advanced understanding of SDI infrastructure.
•    Sufficient color vision and hearing.
•    Excellent IT and Project Management skills.
•    The ability to work well in a team.
•    Fault-finding skills and the capacity to solve technical problems creatively.
•    Strong communication and people skills
•    Excellent attention to detail.
•    Time management skills.
•    Flexibility.
•    The ability to remain calm under pressure.

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